Feeding Disorders, Picky Eater

My favorite feeding therapy moment…

Through the years of working with children as a speech therapist, I have some great stories to tell.  Thanks to HIPAA, I won’t be sharing any names, but the stories are great none the less.  Many of my favorite stories were from my early years, fresh out of grad school.  This particular memory is one I have shared time and time again!  Why did I choose a picture of a banana for my post?  Read on and find out!

I was working with a sweet little girl who was about 3 years old.  She wasn’t eating very many foods and mom really wanted her to eat a banana.  Naturally, we started working on bananas.  They are a great food to start with since you can make them many different textures (blended puree, mushy solid, whole banana, etc.).

Mom brought the little girl to therapy one day and said she had made some progress at home.  The little girl would eat a bite of banana on one condition.  Well what is that one condition I asked.  Mind you, I’m only about 6 months out of grad school and would do anything to help this little girl meet her goal of adding bananas to her repertoire.  Mom proceeds to tell me, after everyone else takes a bite, she will then take a bite.

Ummmmm…hello, I hated bananas!  As a speech therapist, you are still aloud to have your own texture aversions.  Bananas was mine!  I’m guessing the little girl did not get that memo.

So therapy starts and mom takes the first bite.  We all cheered for mom.  I’m next.  Of course, I take a small bite but fool no one.  Mom looks at me and asks if I’m alright.  I proceed to explain to her that I don’t particularly like bananas.  Mom couldn’t help but laugh and even the little girl understood what was happening.  None the less, that sweet little girl took a small bite of banana and we all cheered!  Her and I both survived!

As a speech therapist, I know from personal experience how much frequent exposure at all levels is important to adding a new food to someones diet.  It wasn’t until a few months ago that I actually started liking bananas.  Of course, it has to be smothered in peanut butter and perfectly ripe…not too brown…but no green on it either…otherwise I won’t touch it.  But 10 years later, I do eat bananas in and out of therapy sessions! 🙂

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