Setting parents’ expectations is fundamental prior to beginning therapy.  If you would like to learn what to expect prior to an evaluation, click here: Evaluation – What to Expect

New Patient Information

If you are a new patient, please complete the following information prior to your initial visit.

New Patient Packet

Notice of Privacy Practice

History Information

Feeding Evaluation – Food Inventory (This is only needed for patients being evaluated for feeding issues in children over 1 year of age)

To learn more about the areas we evaluate and treat, please check out the links below.


Speech disorders can consist of articulation delays, phonological processing disorders, apraxia,voice, and fluency. Speech refers to the process of making sounds. We require our lungs, vocal cords, mouth, tongue, teeth and many muscles to produce speech.


Language can be broken down into receptive and expressive language. Some patients require augmentative communication to get their needs met.


We show our love for one another by giving food. When a child has a feeding, swallowing, and/or oral motor disorder, much of these gatherings become stressful for the family.