Feeding Disorders, Food Chaining, Picky Eater

Picky Eater 101

This last Saturday, August 26th, Speech and Feeding of Frisco completed a presentation to a wonderful group of moms on the topic of picky eating.  We talked about how common picky eating is, common terminology used, and the difference between picky eaters and problem eaters.  The presentation finished up with tips and tricks to help expand your picky eaters repertoire and make mealtime fun again.

If you know of someone interested in hosting this free seminar, please reach out to Jessica Reva, owner and SLP at Speech and Feeding of Frisco.  My goal is to educate caregivers on how to work with their child early and avoid problem eaters in the years to come!  I can come to a home, church, doctor office, HOA meeting, play group, home group, etc. and provide this free seminar.

Call or email today! 214-232-1426 or jessica@friscospeechandfeeding.com

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