Feeding Disorders, Picky Eater

Quality vs. Quantity

The feeding therapist in me ALWAYS prefers high quality feeds over higher quantity feeds.  I believe firmly in listening to the patient's cues and pushing them just to the point of success and teetering on the edge of what they tolerate to encourage the next step in their development.  However, we cannot underestimate the need for appropriate calories and nutrition.

Feeding Disorders, Picky Eater

What causes feeding problems?

The truth is, what started the picky eating may not be the factor that is keeping it going.  The longer the issue has persisted, the harder it can be to figure out what caused it.  And to make matters worse, the longer it has persisted, the more factors that may be keeping it going.

Feeding Disorders, Food Chaining, Picky Eater

Picky Eater – The Struggle is Real

"Kids, it's dinner time!"  As you call over to the kids, you sit and wonder "Are they going to eat what I cooked tonight?"  Or maybe you don't wonder at all.  Maybe you know they won't because it's not macaroni and cheese.  Or if you're like me, 2 of the 3 will like it and the 3rd will complain for sure. There are only a handful of meals I can make that everyone likes.  And every once in a while, even that meal gets shot down by someone.