Patience of Gold

Jessica is an absolute God send.  She is an amazing speech therapist who is able to talk to and evaluate my very rambunctious 4 year old little boy.  Her ability to treat him while making him think he is just playing is without a doubt one of the best pars of her session.  My little boy was becoming frustrated with his inability to properly communicate, and as a mom, I started to become concerned. I was not sure if we had an issue or if I just needed to give him more time. I wanted to be proactive and have him evaluated, and I am so glad I did. With our first evaluation she was able to pin point areas of concern and created a plan of action. As parents we always want to give our children the best opportunities and I feel like Jessica is doing that and providing my son the best tools so that he can communicate to the best of his ability. Jessica is not only an excellent speech therapist but a great mom and wife and it shows through in her sessions … any mom of twin boys has to have patience of gold!  ~ K. Mazanec of Frisco, Texas