I am so grateful to the many families who have entrusted me with their children and have allowed me to support them through their journey of speech language and feeding delays. I am honored to have these opportunities and look forward to many more years of helping many more children and their families!

Jessica is an absolute God send.  She is an amazing speech therapist who is able to talk to and evaluate my very rambunctious 4 year old little boy.  Her ability to treat him while making him think he is just playing is without a doubt one of the best pars of her session.  My little… Continue reading Patience of Gold

Patience of Gold

"I was so grateful for the help of SFF!  Jessica asked great questions to understand my concerns and learn more about my daughter.  She did a thorough assessment and provided me with immediate results I was easily able to understand.  She provided me with written instructions on how to better help my child and provided… Continue reading So grateful!

So grateful!

"Thank you so much to Jessica for her help with my son.  He asks to see her and can't wait until his next session.  We have already noticed great improvement with his eating and couldn't be happier!" A. Dewalt from Prosper, Texas

Thank you, thank you!