Feeding Disorders, Picky Eater

Quality vs. Quantity

The feeding therapist in me ALWAYS prefers high quality feeds over higher quantity feeds.  I believe firmly in listening to the patient's cues and pushing them just to the point of success and teetering on the edge of what they tolerate to encourage the next step in their development.  However, we cannot underestimate the need for appropriate calories and nutrition.

Feeding Disorders

Mommy vs. Speech Therapist 

My first few years as a speech therapist, I knew I didn't know it all...but I definitely thought I knew a lot. I worked hard in school, paid close attention in my practicum, and had a really great CFY (clinical fellowship year). I also had some great opportunities to learn in various physician clinics. It… Continue reading Mommy vs. Speech Therapist 

Motor Development

Crawling…why is it important?

Development in our precious little ones is so important.  What we may not always realize is child development happens in certain ways for certain reasons. Most little ones usually crawl on all fours between the ages of 6-9 months. What also happens around this time?  They begin eating solids and chewing finger foods.  This movement in their… Continue reading Crawling…why is it important?