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Quite time at its best

Raise your hands if you miss the days your kids napped? While I could do without the nap, I CRAVE the quiet time. Not only for my sanity but for theirs too.  This article provides great opportunities for creative quite times with your children to keep their sensory system more level. 15 Quiet Time Activities… Continue reading Quite time at its best

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Parents and their role in speech therapy

  Have you ever wondered what a parent's role should be during the course of speech therapy?  The short answer is it looks different depending on what the child is experiencing.  The Hanen Program is something I learned about as a graduate student during my ECI practicum.  I watched this program change how many families interacted… Continue reading Parents and their role in speech therapy

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Mommy vs. Speech Therapist 

My first few years as a speech therapist, I knew I didn't know it all...but I definitely thought I knew a lot. I worked hard in school, paid close attention in my practicum, and had a really great CFY (clinical fellowship year). I also had some great opportunities to learn in various physician clinics. It… Continue reading Mommy vs. Speech Therapist