Feeding Disorders, Food Chaining, Picky Eater

Picky Eaters 101

Because of the prevalence of picky eating, I have created a free, parent training to look at tips and tricks for working with the picky eater.  These tips and tricks are standard tips that can be used with the "typical" picky eater and with a child who has true feeding difficulties or a feeding disorder.

Feeding Disorders, Motor Development

Feeding Therapy Works

As a speech pathologist that specializes in feeding therapy, I encourage families to stick with a solid meal/snack schedule.  As a mom, I encourage you to stick with listening to your child.  Remember, your responsibility is to decide what they are given and when.  Their responsibility is to decide which of those items they eat and how much they eat.

Feeding Disorders, General Speech, language therapy

Still Going Strong

By providing comprehensive and compassionate therapy, I hope to allow children an opportunity to show love to others through their speech, their language, and their feeding. If you see someone who is sad, you talk to them. If someone needs comforting, you bring them food or share a meal together. Children with speech, language, or feeding delay may not be able to show love in those same ways. I want to help change that.