Feeding Disorders, Motor Development

Feeding Therapy Works

As a speech pathologist that specializes in feeding therapy, I encourage families to stick with a solid meal/snack schedule.  As a mom, I encourage you to stick with listening to your child.  Remember, your responsibility is to decide what they are given and when.  Their responsibility is to decide which of those items they eat and how much they eat.

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Quite time at its best

Raise your hands if you miss the days your kids napped? While I could do without the nap, I CRAVE the quiet time. Not only for my sanity but for theirs too.  This article provides great opportunities for creative quite times with your children to keep their sensory system more level. 15 Quiet Time Activities… Continue reading Quite time at its best

Motor Development

Crawling…why is it important?

Development in our precious little ones is so important.  What we may not always realize is child development happens in certain ways for certain reasons. Most little ones usually crawl on all fours between the ages of 6-9 months. What also happens around this time?  They begin eating solids and chewing finger foods.  This movement in their… Continue reading Crawling…why is it important?