Feeding Disorders, Food Chaining, Picky Eater

Summer Fun

On a hot summer day, who doesn’t love some fresh fruit!?!?!  What makes fresh fruit so yummy?  One might say its biting into cold fruit full of juices that are sweet.  Often times each piece tastes a little different than the last depending on how ripe it is or how fresh it is.

Now think about being a child sensitive to foods.  Fruit can be VERY overwhelming.  Each bite may taste a little different.  You have to be able to manage the juice inside of it along with the skin on the outside of it.

So how do we add fruit to a picky eaters diet?  I like to start with applesauce or bananas.  With applesauce, the taste and consistency are more predictable than grapes or strawberries.  For bananas, you can start it as a mashed fruit and slowly build up to a whole banana.  Through sensory play and a structured behavioral approach (along with addressing any oral motor weakness) fruit can become a part of a child’s diet.

If you have questions about your child’s feeding skills, contact me today for a free consultation!  214-232-1426 or jessica@friscospeechandfeeding.com

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