Feeding Disorders, General Speech, language therapy

Still Going Strong

Three months ago, I wrote a blog titled “Getting Started.”  I talked about a new adventure of starting my own private practice as a speech-language pathologist.  In this short time, I held true to my promise of continued blogging to share my experiences as a mom and my experiences as a speech-language pathologist.  I have been blessed with wonderful family and friends supporting me in this huge leap of faith.

Over the last few months, I developed documentation, billing practices, a therapy room, etc.  With the help of my husband, my web-site is up and running, my business cards are in circulation, and my brochure has been distributed to many doctors’ offices in the area.  I have requested to be in-network with a handful of commercial insurance companies and worked through the credentialing process.  As a product of all that work, I have a handful of patients already on my caseload.

June 1, 2017 is my last day at Children’s Health, the pediatric hospital I have worked at for over 10 years.  I am so grateful for the opportunities I had during my time at Children’s and I am certain the skills I learned will serve me well in my new private practice.

What’s next?

So where am I headed?  Great question!  First, I want to build a successful private practice where I provide comprehensive and compassionate therapy to children and their family.  By providing comprehensive and compassionate therapy, I hope to allow children an opportunity to show love to others through their speech, their language, and their feeding.  If you see someone who is sad, you talk to them.  If someone needs comforting, you bring them food or share a meal together.  Children with speech, language, or feeding delay may not be able to show love in those same ways.  I want to help change that.


Next, I want to create trainings and begin teaching my clinical skills to other therapists.  I want to provide special trainings for parents to augment therapy they are receiving.  In short, I want to spread the word and expand my reach through online trainings and in-person conferences.

I know these are big dreams but I have watched so many successful therapists before me pave the way.  I will continue to keep you updated through  my blogs and Facebook videos.  If you have any tips or helpful advice, I am always open!  Thank you for reading and please keep reading my blog through this wonderful new adventure!

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