General Speech, language therapy

Series: Fun Activities #4

Ready for some more fun activities to keep your speech and language kiddos engaged?

Just in time for Easter, here is a cute Cut and Paste Articulation Activity for your speech kids.  It can be an activity in therapy or a “take home” activity for the family.

For your kids working on prepositions, this is a great File Folder Activity you can use for repeat practice in therapy and/or at home.  While there is one you can purchase on this site, this is something you could make yourself if you have the time. 🙂

For your older kids who like card games such as go-fish or war, here are some great Articulation Playing Card Ideas you can make!

I hope this was helpful to keep your creative juices flowing.  The more fun at kiddos have in therapy, the more they learn and the faster they will progress!  Keep up the good work!

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