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Changing up Routine

I will be the first to admit I love routine. I like to have a process for me to follow and a process for others to follow so we all know who does what, when, where and why. Currently, we are working to teach our kids some responsibility. Simple things like cleaning up their dishes, putting dirty clothes in the laundry basket, cleaning cat litter box, etc. require intentional training for young children. For me, I have to create a time in the schedule where I make sure they do those chores. Ifi don’t, then I find my self cleaning up their mess after they go to sleep and I realize I lost another teaching opportunity.  So getting out of my routine can be frustrating for sure!

But tonight was different! It was a beautiful day outside so I packed dinner (sandwiches and lunchables – nothing fancy) in a bag, picked the kids up from school, and had a picnic at the park. With my husband having been out of town all week, the kids were so very excited to see him. 

Corbin met an older boy at the park and they were throwing  the football together. Mason found a friend from school who was also there and they played together. Isabelle wondered around doing her tumbling and playing with others around the park. Daryl, being the amazing dad he is, took individual time with each kid and you could just see the pure joy in all 4 of their faces. I attempted to get Mason in camera but it wasn’t the easiest!

Not having the thought to rush back and clean up dinner or the thought of bed time coming soon was such a breath of fresh air!

So why do I tell you this? I say it because routines are great. And when you have a special needs child, routine can become imperative to survivial.  But I encourage you to find that time to break routine, do something fun and out of the norm together and see if it doesn’t help your routine begin to run smoother.  

I hope you found this helpful! If you or anyone you know is need a speech, language, or feeding evaluation, please share my information!

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