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Series: Fun Activities #3

Are you looking for some new ideas for speech and language therapy?  Check these web-sites out for some great ideas using tools all therapists have in their closet!

Farm Animals – There are so many things that can be done with farm animals!  Here are 5 Speech Goals to Target with farm animals.  You can add some fun by including chocolate pudding as mud.  For your preschoolers struggling with motor planning, this can be a great activity too!

Play Doh – Of course all kids love Play Doh and the options are endless!  Check out these ideas for using Play-Doh in Speech Therapy today!

Articulation Garden – Keeping our kiddos engaged with articulation therapy is no small task.  For those who like a little digging, they will love the Interactive Sensory Tube Activity where they can search for the words to practice and spark some unmodeled sentences.

Be on the lookout for more great ideas and share your thoughts below!

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