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Parents and their role in speech therapy


Have you ever wondered what a parent’s role should be during the course of speech therapy?  The short answer is it looks different depending on what the child is experiencing.  The Hanen Program is something I learned about as a graduate student during my ECI practicum.  I watched this program change how many families interacted with their child who was struggling with using language.  While this approach isn’t right for every child, it has definitely proven to work with many!

With The Hanen Program “speech therapy”:

  • is extended into every part of the child’s day
  • involves communication between child and parent, not child and therapist
  • involves play and daily activities (such as mealtime, bath time and bed time) that are familiar and meaningful to the child, instead of unfamiliar clinic-based activities
  • can happen on an ongoing basis in the child’s comfortable surroundings
  • is motivating and fun for the child!

Checkout the full article here!  Parents vs. Speech Therapist


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